Meghan Markle our Duchess of Self Promotion: Can she really be a healthy narcissist?

by admin

Another summer day as dawn breaks, the birds tweeting their love signals to each other all very meaningful and devoid  any ornithological sense of self promotion.  Out pops a wren or in season a red breasted robin peering in at us in full plume. No narcissism there ,no “Look at Me “ again and again !  

 Meghan and the world of celebrity Narcissism

 More recently we have become either intoxicated by the obsessional promotion of the Duchess in the tabloids and broadsheets and her feminist ideology  or we simply cannot get enough of this fashion icon wanting more and more.  On a spectrum of one to ten where we have around the middle of the spectrum  between five to seven, a category known as “ healthy narcissism”.  Life at either extreme, even as a young Royal is not the healthiest place to be.  At zero, people never enjoy feeling very special in any way, Perhaps they never have.  From childhood its drummed into us that’s seeking any form of glorification adulation by religion political or cultural demands or anything approaching  special treatment is inherently wrong.   We are taught in many cases that self promotion in perspective  is appropriate for positive mental health  and it contributes towards our sense of self confidence and self esteem. Our distaste is epitomized by the question” What makes you so very special? We can recognize the reprimand in the rhetoric. What people really means is “Your acting like your  special  , Stop it !   

Look at Me ! I’m Duchess Meghan    

When we receive positive feedback from our peers and social admirers we feel good on top of the world.   When the keyboard warriors lash out day by day demeaning us because we are attention seekers or self obsessed with our  personal identity even as a young Royal , promoting what people think and feel is our natural  love of others and the disadvantaged, questions are asked. In most cases around the world selflessness is seen as the ultimate virtue, a quality seen in Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, discreet , regal, diplomatic and reserved. How we wish Meghan Markle would stop this virtual obsession with her Hollywood glamour and film star status, extravagant  taste for  vastly expensive outfits worn usually on one occasion , when many young professionals in the city can hardly afford  to pay their monthly outgoings  and other necessary bills. The young Royals need to become more empathic considering in their attempt to smooth  the monarchy, and breaching  protocol  frequently, that they should set an example like Her Majesty The Queen,  contemporary, astute , thrifty and not wishing to be at variance with the British public who are facilitating to some extent her lavish lifestyle. There is another way to win the hearts of the nation like Harry’s mother Princess Diana, who ironically Meghan adored. However, Diana  knew how to affiliate and  reach out to the commonwealth countries , yes she was a healthy narcissist  but for the right reasons.

Authenticity Personality and Motives

 In the context of personality traits and how these can and have influenced her admirers  and spread the fashion gospel according to Meghan,  I fail to see how this squares up with her role in World Vision an evangelical missionary society, and her humanitarian motives.        I cannot see how Hollywood film stars all of the A listers when they become involved with underdeveloped countries, how they are perceived by the locals?  Its obvious that they might be seen as rich and famous but I ask the question also of Meghan Markle, what in fact is her contribution and how valid might it be? We know of her working  many years ago with  charities abroad, and getting involved , all good, but when she cannot reach out to welcome her family especially her father Thomas Markle into her new found fame, we question her Christian self perception and principles. Why can’t she forgive and see this as a top priority and  bypass the Me and I  Foundation. Christianity is based on reaching out to other’s  imbued with the concept of forgiveness. something she seems to be devoid of giving. Its about building Bridges Meghan , remember it was your father  who invested his savings  to get you on the first rung of educational ladder to stardom in Hollywood.

Authenticity springs to mind  when I read the September edition of Vogue.   The dark narcissist revels being in the spotlight even to the extent that they will tell you  it’s not for them . They are Royalty and by virtue of their status  have  an expectancy and right to be zoomed into the spotlight. But what in fact does it mean.. another few hundred or even thousand images to add to the ever swelling gallery for the House of Windsor? 

 Life at the far right of the spectrum where the dark narcissists dwell  can be bleak.While people at the low end of the scale assiduously avoid the spotlight, those at the far right either scramble to be there and stay there , like Donald Trump. Madonna,  etc and they silently long for it.  Meghan was socialized into this personality type by her Hollywood career  drenched in fame.. but its known for simply being known, nothing more , absolutely nothing. In their minds, they cease to exist if the pubic do not acknowledge their ultra high importance  and engage in this idolatrous celebrity worship.

The Addiction to Attention

Meghan and others, but not the other young or even older senior Royals , become addicted to attention , ! Look at me she screams,  but don’t come near me or I’ll get Prince Harry to sort you all out! Meghan  more than others works harder than the rest  of her celeb colleagues and friends at the Soho Farmhouse, the wealthy elite of our proud British society. She knows she has to control her sense of self an how she presents to the everyday world. Move over Harry , I’m the boss she  exclaims  with much alacrity, to the amazement and consternation of her household staff. “I want attention attention and more attention. But Ill tell you how I want it to be orchestrated and choreographed.   High or dark narcissists must get their daily fix or the subordinates and lower mortals like us will soon know about it.The young Royal being at the high end may not be psychologically aware that their humanity  collapses under the weight of  sophisticated arrogance elitism  and empty posturism.    Humans at 9 on the scale are the Vogue addicts with a fortune stuffed in the banks and  in most cases unlimited income resources like the Housewives of Beverly Hills or the Housewives of  New York. “ Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust doth Corrupt and thieves break through and steal….”How many of Meghan’s Vogue addicts to cutting end Haute Couture  give of their wealth  and cast offs to children in need or their disadvantaged parents in foreign lands?

If our dearly loved Meghan were to remain in scale centre along with other healthy narcissists, she would fit in with the crowd. It would allow her some degree of self importance without the onslaught of trolls or keyboard warriors.

  How I love to read journalist and columnist Jan Moir as she wrote recently in The Daily Mail   enraged as I was also about Meghan’s guest Editor role. “For our girl  is the guest…..of the September issue…an honour she thought about carefully in terms of the gorgeous  glamorous exposure versus inevitable accusations of hypocricy…but decided to  go right ahead  anyway”. 

The World of Inspirational Fashion Models

Meghan throws an endless fifty or more  kilometre “fence around  Frogmore Cottage  to control again “their privacy” or keep snoopers out. How dare she! Your in Britain now Meghan  and we pay our bit so don’t forget….we are shareholders in your grace and favour home. Treat us British public with respect. I can see her ways of thinking about her  entitlement to privacy and that we can legitimately respect. But her lust for fame and addiction to be acknowledged more smacks of something else.

 As Jan points out avidly, Meghan selects 15 lesser now fashion models or icons, women she finds “inspirational”and who she wants to bring to public attention.  Who I ask have they inspired. Certainly not me. How much do these fashion icons whose faces resemble a West End theatre make up room on any night of the week, with outrageous costumes and fake tans, layers of polycell make up that makes their natural beauty only to be imagined. A Jan points out, they are some sort  of international models, who I guess would  know absolutely nothing of missionary work with the underprivileged  let alone their emotional and physical needs.

  I laughed out loud till the window double glazing could take no more when I learn that these models Meghan chose “were Forces For Change….claiming that they impact and reshape society in radical and  positive ways “. How?  Come on Meghan show us the facts the real objective evidence,  what who when and where have they socially influenced or whose lives have they changed. All a party of dark narcissists  Meghan. Pulling the wool over our eyes maybe .. a porky at the best… .. but do they? Do they really bring about change . Iv’e never seen such evidence from a model changing the world in any minute way. Perhaps a few might be Euro MEP’S in disguise?

As Jan points out, these women are inspiring in their own way. Some ex refugees now turned enterpreneur’s with their  own perfume range.  As I review each Vogue models personality and motives I can see no synchrony nor correlation to the international topics such as climate change and world poverty What I do see is  these women chosen for what they are now and not what they have done or currently do for others. The concept of positive self regard  has been  propelled into an obscene lust for self glory self promotion  and a major boost for ego identity.

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